A new design for animstreet!

We have just finished redesigning animstreet. In particular, with a new front page and collapsible blocks, our motion capture clips database navigation is now enhanced. We hope you will like it! Support resources are now easier to find as some of you requested. We will also add new documentation pages as well as new tutorials soon. Thanks a lot for all your comments and suggestions. We will continue to improve animstreet as much (and as fast) as possible. Please stay tuned!

Press Release: animstreet becomes the largest market place for motion capture clips!

Animstreet is the newborn web service developed by Moka Studio, a start-up established in Martigny, Switzerland. Animstreet is already the largest market place for motion capture clips available on the Internet and is still growing. Thanks to animstreet, you can now easily and quickly search, organize and share motion capture clips.

10’000 Downloads and a New 3D Preview Player

We are really proud to announce that animstreet just passed the 10’000 downloads! Thanks to all of you for using animstreet! We hope you will enjoy all the new features we added recently. In particular, we just released a new 3D preview player with lots of great features. You can now enjoy a new navigation interface, multi-camera support, animation playback controls and many other features. Browsing 3D animation has never been simpler!

Animstreet Upgrade Completed!

We have been working hard in the past weeks to provide you with great new features on animstreet. The upgrade is now complete and we hope you will enjoy it! We apologize for any inconvenience this process may have caused.

Animstreet Fully Open (+ Some New Features)

Animstreet is now fully open. You can thus freely create an account and have fun using it. We also added some new features such as user profiles and the possibility to share your animations directly on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Animstreet Launched in Private Beta Release

We are proud to announce the launch of animstreet. Thanks to animstreet, you can now easily and quickly search, organize and share motion capture clips. Animstreet is collaborative: any motion capture provider can add his own motion capture clips and share them with the community. It is now in private beta release but if you are interested, please contact us and we will happily let you in.