Animstreet is developed and maintained by Moka Studio, a Swiss company located in Martigny (Valais, Switzerland).

Moka Studio was founded in December 2008 by Nicolas Elsig and Benoît Le Callennec, two friends who met at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 2001. We are specialized in Visual Effects and 3D character animation to bring innovative ideas to life whether they pertain to broadcast, motion design, film, advertising, institutional film or any other form of communicative media. We have a wealth of experience from which we have developed a network of talented collaborators (directors, concept artists, sound engineers, etc.) who complement our 3D oriented skill base.

We rapidly invested in a motion capture system due to demanding 3D character animation projects. This device helped us produce huge amounts of 3D animation data at a cheap price which entirely satisfied our customers. Unfortunately, a misplaced book is also a lost book and we soon were facing an issue: we had a large amount of data, stored on hard drives, that was hard to manage and to maintain. We thus decided to start the development of Animstreet, a collaborative animation platform. With Animstreet, our primary goal is to allow hobbyists and professionals, from all around the world to search, organize and share 3D animation data in an easy and cheap way.

Such an ambitious project would not be feasible without strong and devoted partners: The Foundation TheArk and the CCF-Valais. We would like to thank them for their constant support and great commitment to Animstreet.

Nicolas Elsig, Co-founder
Modeling, Animation and VFX

Nicolas is co-founder of Moka Studio and is responsible for Modeling, Animation and Visual Effects. He is a passionate of moving pictures from cell animation to visual effects. He has a graphic design background and started 3D in 2001 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). After 4 years and a half, he decided to work as a freelance and finally created NELSIG Visual Effects in 2006. In December 2008, he founded Moka Studio together with Benoît. He has now more than 10 years of experience and has been working on numerous ambitious and innovative projects. In particular, he worked as VFX supervisor for “Le Miroir” (short film by Ramon&Pedro, 2010), "Futurofoot" (swiss national TV channel, 2008), "Nos Archives Secrètes" (swiss national TV channel, 2006), as VFX artist for “10”, "La Minute Kiosque", "L'Infiltré", "Petite Vacances à Knokke-le-zoutte" and numerous other institutional movies, title sequences and commercials (Saatchi&Saatchi, Novartis, TF1, Chopard, Tissot, Breguet, Rolex, TV5 Monde, UEFA, Nestlé, Versailles, …). Nicolas is now leading the design and ergonomy of Animstreet.

Benoît Le Callennec, Co-founder
Motion Capture and 3D R&D

Benoît is co-founder of Moka Studio and is responsible for Motion Capture and Research and Development. After obtaining his masters degree in computer graphics and artificial intelligence in 2001, he decided to start a PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). His main fields of research were inverse kinematics, interactive motion capture editing and kinematics constraint detection. In 2007, he started a Post-Doc in movement analysis and measurement during which he worked closely with the Swiss ski jumping team. In December 2008, he founded Moka Studio together with Nicolas. He is now adapting and improving his PhD algorithms for industrial applications and leading the research and development of Animstreet.