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All BVH animations on Animstreet are now free. If you have credits left on your account, please contact us. Thanks and enjoy FREE Animstreet. read more...
As you may have noticed, we decided to slowly move to an "all-free" model. That means that in the middle-term, all motion capture clips on animstreet will be free. We still have several... read more...
We just released a brand new list system allowing you to select multiple lists using Ctrl + Click and Shift + Click. In this way, you can also search multiple lists in parallel. For example, when you... read more...
We just released 2 new features: search filters and batch actions. With search filters, you can narrow the search to motion capture clips from one author, with a specific duration, in a price range,... read more...
Due to a new animstreet Facebook Connect integration, users connecting to animstreet using their Facebook account must relink their animstreet account with their Facebook account. This is done... read more...

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